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Test Pickleball Center

Cherry Hill, NJ

8 Live streams

About Facility

Test Pickleball Center

1 Pickle Street, Cherry Hill, NJ 09090

Enjoy a 36,000 sq. ft climate-controlled facility equipped with nine cushioned pro pickleball courts, two mezzanines, and a single custom-sized (15 ft. wide) practice court for perfecting your shot. Enjoy open play, leagues, lessons, events, and more.

Our Facility:

• 8 Live streams
• 14 Indoor courts
• 1 Outdoor courts
• Hard acrylic surface
• Permanent nets
• Memberships offered (fee for visitors)


• Restrooms
• Locker Rooms
• Lighted Courts
• Air Conditioned
• Water Fountain
• Snacks and Drinks
• Restaurant/Cafe
• Pro Shop
• Trainers and Lessons
• Custom

Live Streams

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Court 1
Snapshot Image
Court 2
Snapshot Image
Court 3
Snapshot Image
Courts 4-7
Snapshot Image
Court 8
Snapshot Image
Court 9
Snapshot Image
Court 10
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Courts 11-14
Streaming: Court 2
Streaming: Court 3
Streaming: Courts 4-7
Streaming: Court 8
Streaming: Court 9
Streaming: Court 10
Streaming: Courts 11-14

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are 14 indoor courts and 1 outdoor courts available at Test Pickleball Center.
Yes! You can explore membership options and reserve courts by visiting Test Pickleball Center’s website: https://bouncepickleball.com
Test Pickleball Center is a private facility. Various Membership levels are offered and there is fee for non-member visitors.
Test Pickleball Center’s phone number is: 856-489-7768. Or you can contact the facility through their website: https://bouncepickleball.com